Garrett is a San Francisco based audio engineer who provides high-quality audio content with an astute attention to detail and a personal touch. He is always sure to have an easy-going and positive outlook while maintaining a critical ear and creative workflow. With a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production and an extensive catalog of material, Garrett is your best resource for all of your audio needs.






"I had the pleasure of being Garrett's professor at SF State, and collaborated with him on several of my own productions as well. Garrett was a superb student and General Managers of KSFS Radio, but far more important is his notable passion and creative approach to whatever the work is at hand. His dedication and artistry are apparent in everything he takes on, and I will continue to seek his expertise and good attitude for my projects whenever I can."
                 -Jeff Jacoby, Sound & Radio Artist, Professor of Audio & Radio, SF State

"Garrett is a ProTools wizard. He can pull a stock gunshot file off Soundminer and make it sound like it was fired in a cathedral or a cave or a dusty old cabin. He also has a work ethic that'll put you to shame. In a few days, he amped the production value of my short ten-fold by making the monsters we couldn't afford to show on screen feel incredibly real and present, creating a truly immersive experience. He's committed to sound in all aspects and I can't recommend him enough."

                 -Ernie Houk, Screenwriter, Director

"The final product of Garrett's workflow isn't just polished, beautiful sound design - his work has consistently strengthened the entire soul of my films. I know I can trust him to bridge the gap between nuanced understanding of my vision, and the technical prowess to work magic with it."

                 -Daniel Washington, Writer, Director, Documentarian